8 Renovation Ideas Using the FHA 203k

1. Additional level

For those families living in a rancher home, adding a second level could mean the difference between moving and staying in the home they love. Adding a second level allows for the rearranging of rooms, popularly moving the bedrooms upstairs thus creating an open living space downstairs.

2. Added rooms 

Families grow, but so can houses! Adding additional rooms to the home of a growing family is one of the most popular renovations with the FHA 203k. Having an unexpected baby or wanting to add an additional bathroom? The FHA 203k can take care of that space problem.


3. Updated kitchen 

Many people are now being inspired by shows on HGTV which showcase amazing kitchens. The FHA 203k covers it all when it comes to the kitchen. You can tear down a wall and create a very popular open style kitchen, you can add a new stove, install a large island, and even upgrade all of your appliances to the newest stainless steel editions!

before and after kitchen

4. Brand new bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is a highly sought out renovation. Pictures of beautiful bathrooms are constantly shown on the television and internet. Those bathrooms could be yours!

5. New septic system

By far the most overlooked and under sought out renovation involves the septic system. The FHA 203k covers both installing new systems and repairing existing ones. Not all areas utilize septic systems, but for those that do it can mean the difference between a loan closing or not. Another great thing about the 203k is that the repairs or installation of the septic system happen after the loan closes.

6. New staircase and flooring

7. Basement refinishing

Basements provide families with the extra space to do a variety of things. Toy rooms for the kids, extra bedrooms, or even a man cave for the husband are all examples.

8. New siding and gutters